ROYAL ARMS INTERNATIONAL, Inc., is located in middle Tennessee. RAI was established in California, in 1984, as a manufacturer of specialized Tactical Breaching, Hostage Rescue, Close Quarter Combat, and EOD/IED bomb disposal equipment for Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies, worldwide. With great pride and a strong commitment to quality, Royal Arms offers a leading line of precision-engineered, durable and effective products. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality alloys and state of the art CNC manufacturing techniques. The result is a superior product with enhanced technical capabilities, providing law enforcement and military personnel the ultimate tactical advantage in the field.

At Royal Arms we are consistently finding new ways to be more efficient and cost effective. We then pass the savings on to you. Royal Arms principles are founded on making quality products at fair prices, creating/maintaining a loyal customer base and listening to their needs. If your department or agency wants to witness first hand our commitment to quality and service, please e-mail or call for an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you if what is important to you is to utilize products MADE IN THE U.S.A. by American ingenuity with American pride. Royal Arms believes in American industry so strongly that when presented with the possibility of outsourcing our products, labor and materials to China, India or Mexico, we declined these money-saving possibilities. Instead, we invested in our infrastructure by acquiring a 15,000 square foot facility located in middle Tennessee to better serve our customer needs and to support manufacturing in the United States.

Royal Arms is the original inventor, as well as oldest manufacturer of: Breaching Stand-Off Device, 12 Gauge Breaching Shotgun, Copper & Clay Frangible Breaching Rounds, 12 Gauge Flash Bang Muzzle Blast, Rebar Cutter Round, MK54II Dual Shock Tube Initiator as well as many other breaching products.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE BACKED BY AN UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY. Royal Arms will always be 100% USA made, with USA materials and USA ingenuity. We don't just say we make it, we actually do. We support our troops and are Veteran Owned and operated.

God bless America and our Troops.